Friday, October 20, 2006

Temporary Wowness

I am so full of love right now for everyone. And really, it only took a glass and a half of wine (I'm a cheap flower child). I took a friend to a play (a play with lots of cussing and violence) and she liked it, and I was glad to be with her. WOW. I stopped to visit another friend and give him a birthday present, and he smiled and was hospitable and talkative. WOW. My brother does a great blog that brings some of the siblings and even my father ("Dr. Kinbote") together (virtually), and I'm so enthused. WOW. My husband is the world's best lover (last night), but also has given me an evening of alone-time (tonight) as if he knows what I need at every minute. WOW. And an elegant older woman (my age, ha ha) at the Buddhist-GroupTherapy-BookDiscussion the other night laughed at my jokes and sent me an e-mail today. WOW. People who need people are the luckiest people in the world! (or not, as the case may be).


tripleblinks said...

Nice words left here today, which undoubtedly will make others reading them feel good as well. Especially if they were the one written about.
Someone must have taught you early in life (or late) that it was nice to share.
Ciao, and thanks for "sharing".

Marylyn said...

You're welcome, R.

Anonymous said...

You are such an "outer" of the pseudonymous. If they didn't want to use pseudonyms and have people know just who they are, they wouldn't use them.

Please let some of the mystery remain. Anonymous or pseudonymous postings are better when one's mind is not swayed by the knowledge of the identity of the message poster.

Just my POV and MNSHO.


Kevin Buttercrunch

Anonymous said...


I see that thankfully you allow completely unregulated postings for your blog comments.

Bully for you! Huzzah!

I send warmth and fuzz to you,

Kirby Beelzebub

tripleblinks said...

Marylyn, pardon this momentary intrusion, but I just read in it's entirity, the posting on the left side of the blog about the "rednecks". Well said, however made me wonder: "Has she ever took the time to try to talk to any of them". Perhaps it's fear of some kind if not, or something else. Just wondering in my wanderings.

tripleblinks said...

Oh, and dammit, I really wanted to include this in my just posted comment.
You really detailed in a very visual fashion, those folks down the street from you.
Now, would you, could you do something for me, and perhaps your other readers. No real rush, no real hurry, but some day, I would enjoy reading how you would have written this should it have been you and others from your past living in that house. What would you have said about them, meaning your observations. Would they have been much the same as those you wrote about the present occupants?
Gosh, this is Sunday, my brain is supposed to be taking a day of "rest" isn't it? Oh well, as the saying goes "what the hell".

And one passing "last" comment. I'm really, oops, meant to "shout" that word, enjoying every opportunity to read your musings.

Don't stop, don't DARE stop, somehow, someway, find the energy and time in amongst your other limited minutes to keep sharing that wonderful mind of yours.

I've actually now gone and done the deed of subscribing to the RSS feed of your blog. This way I'll know when you drop something else in here.

Marylyn said...

In the past, I have, indeed, along with certain friends, evidenced most of the qualities I attribute to the "rednecks." The public display of disorganization is probably the most telling quality, for me. I mean, over the years, I've learned to keep chaos INSIDE when living in an urban environment. There's no room for a country lifestyle when houses are only a few feet apart.

The poem (which did not look the way I intended on the page, due to the narrow format which I can't figure out how to change) was my attempt to MODIFY my negative feelings. I am working toward more understanding, I really am. And no, I have not spoken to any of them. I really don't know what I would say, except, "Please don't park your car with its ass end in the street."

If I think of something else to say besides that, I'll try to muster up the cross-cultural courage to actually say it!