Sunday, May 20, 2012

I have not much to say. My inner life has been damped down, compared to, well, when I was in my twenties, when that was all there was. OKAY, I’ve accepted the importance of the outside world, including society and particular other people. Fine. My last remembered dream consisted of my trying to arrange some kind of “tour” for a bus driver; people had signed up but not everyone was boarding the bus. I don’t even think I was making any money from this deal, only trying to get a task completed. Sounds familiar. Will visiting a “hippie” friend in Tennessee cure this? I doubt it. But it’s a start. Some much-touted psychic will do “reiki” upon me (although I’ve not felt the need for this). I will meet alternative-type folks. But how can I respect them? Do they have any involvement in the dominant economical processes? How is “New Age” and “Catholic” different? Don’t both posit another (unseen) world that can be dealt with and investigated and profited from? The thing is, I used to be a “hippie.” It was only a refuge, though. And I met its challeneges. I got an “A” in Urban Hippie Life 101. I should have continued my course of study, but for some reason I desired to make a living the usual way. My bad.

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