Sunday, June 14, 2009

Whenever I want to DO something, I have to yank my will and brain around. Therefore, I'm not sure whether or not I'm supposed to DO anything. I only have old paradigms to rely on. The sense of "duty" of a Catholic. The sense of "professionalism" of a long-time administrative person. The sense of aesthetic completion of an article-writer. What's new? My most recent REMEMBERED dream is also a DISMEMBERED dream. Another corpse, another era? My unconscious brought in an old friend to take responsibility for a murder; but I had to help cut the body apart, rather like sushi. It wasn't so bad in the dream--not bloody at all--it's just that afterward, in telling it, one thinks how bizarre it might seem to others. The body represents the psyche, so it's not really murder in the legal sense. It's just killing--or attempting to kill--various aspects of "the Shadow" a la Jung. However, these aspects return, because some of the body parts became "alive" again, although they were hidden under a bed. Uh-oh, fingers twitching! I am getting so tired of these corpses and body parts, alive or dead. They've been showing up in my dreams for decades. When will I allow my entire self freedom?

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Sounds delicious. Let's eat!